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Neonomicon (2011)

by Alan Moore(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 1
1592911307 (ISBN13: 9781592911301)
Avatar Press, Inc.
review 1: Though subject to the usual Alan Moore excesses (does there always have to be a vivid drug trip lasting several pages and advancing the plot nowhere?) this is an interesting re-interpretation of H P Lovecraft mythology. It made me want to read some Lovecraft to see where this came from (even though I'd probably find it boring because, y'know, he's no Alan Moore). Theres some rather graphic monster sex and violence in it, so avoid if thats going to disturb you.
review 2: So this is the second Graphic Novel that I've read by Alan Moore, and though not as good as Watchmen I did enjoy it which is a rarity among graphic novels. The story here is obviously based on Various works by H.P. Lovecraft, and though you'll definitely get more out of the book if you've read L
... moreovecraft I still think there is plenty to enjoy here if you haven't. It's dark, has good ideas, and is interesting. Which is something that Lovecraft never achieved. less
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One of the most wtf reads ever, but surprisingly spare and elegant.
Completely horrifying, as it should be.
If you like Lovecraft you'll like this.
What a bizarre work. Loved it.
Mind: blown.
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