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Autumn Laing. Alex Miller (2013)

by Alex Miller(Favorite Author)
3.5 of 5 Votes: 4
1743311451 (ISBN13: 9781743311455)
Allen & Unwin Australia
review 1: I've struggled with other Alex Miller books but I loved this one and found it a page turner. His portrayal of Autumn as completely self centred and selfish was mesmerising and rang true (I know someone like her, whether she was in any way like Sunday Reed or not). The novel was a fascinating study of character and although Alex makes it very clear that it was fiction, it has made me keen to read the biography of Sunday and Heide.
review 2: Really didn't warm to this book for a good while, but persevered and I'm glad I finished it. I'm not a huge fan of this style, and thought a bit more editing was in order, but I did find myself eager to keep going after I hit the half-way mark. It was also a bit distracting knowing it was based in real people as I kept wonde
... morering what was real and what was imagined. Best to assume its all imagined and leave it at that. less
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Disappointing and very strong on stereotypes. I didn't bother fininshing it as it was too dull.
skipped most of the waffle & the rest of the story was pretty limited. disappointing.
It made me want to read a little more about Sunday Reid and visit Heide once again
Abandoned, didn't like this
Not my type of book.
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