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Step Back In Time (2013)

by Ali McNamara(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 5
Hachette Digital
review 1: Yet another fantastic book from Ali. I swear we love all the same things. Places, films, (other) books, food and drink. I can't put the into words the bounds of love I had for this book just like the previous three. A little nod to something I love or another film to add to my list of films I must watch and I think Ali's done it again this book can't get any better but it does every time there's always another line or mention of something that'll literally make my jump for joy or gasp.
review 2: I'm not normally one for a 'chick-lit' book as I find them too predictable, cringy and boring. However I decided to try this one as it had a theme of time-travel. I should have trusted my instincts. I was disappointed with it after reading 4 pages, I have managed to rea
... mored four chapters and I won't be continuing. The time travel theme is a good idea but it's far too childishly written for me, the main characters in these chick lit books are either workaholics who don't have time for a man and then lo and behold there's their ideal man within the first three pages, or they are a ditzy secretary/receptionist/marketing girl who constantly falls over, or other 'hilarious' things. This was the first, workaholic travelling through time, ending up with a different persona each time blah blah blah. Very very chick lit, too simply written (it could pass for a child's book) and nothing to keep you hooked. Terrible less
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I couldn't wait to read it till the end. It is definitely to be part of my personal library!!
Unusual time-travel theme, quite enjoyable.
I loved it :)
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