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I Piatti Più Piccanti Della Cucina Tatara (2010)

by Alina Bronsky(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 4
8866320293 (ISBN13: 9788866320296)
review 1: Hoc začiatky knihy sú takmer fraškoidné (miestami sa mi pripomínal Arto Paasilinna), tragikomický príbeh sa postupne rozvíja spôsobom, ktorý je takmer dojímavý. Určite osviežujúce čítanie - veselo o vážnych veciach, napriek tomu si však kniha zachováva svoju dôstojnosť a neskĺzava k trápnostiam. Knihu som v rukách držala opakovane a som rada, že som ju napokon kúpila a prečítala.
review 2: Really enjoyed it at first then felt some editing of bits of stories that went nowhere might have been in order. I liked though that the main character, Rosa, didn't turn out to be one dimensional and I was surprised several times by the choices she made and the directions the story took. Because Rosa is such an unreliable narrator it also made
... morefor interesting guesswork figuring out what might actually have been happening and how the other characters were experiencing the events from their perspective. I especially liked that the book dealt with the complexities of maternal love and the choices that parents make with what they think are their child's best interests at heart. less
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I loved this book...despite hating the narrator. It was an odd read.
quirky, humorous, oddly profound and enormously appealing.
Heartbreaking and very funny at the same time.
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