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La Vendetta Di Sasha (2010)

by Alina Bronsky(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 4
887641889X (ISBN13: 9788876418891)
review 1: I liked the concept of this book, the topic and the characters, but it didn't read polished. It read like a diary of a teenager, but it was not positioned as such. It looks like a rough draft that needs a lot more work and translation is terrible. Russian is my native language and I recognized a lot of phrases that I am sure originated in Russian but were translated so terribly that a lot of the original meaning was lost. I liked the topic of immigration to Germany through the eyes of a teenager, that was pretty interesting and unique.
review 2: This book had a lot of potential: an interesting and unique protagonist, an intriguing beginning, and a neat spin on a coming of age story... but it ended up just being OK. The reason? I thought there was wayyy too much
... more packed into 220 pages. Too many characters and twists that just distracted from the meat and potatoes of the story, which I found was quite under-developed.Essentially, this is a story about a tough as nails 17 year old girl who is recovering from a painful childhood. She has a lot of flaws which makes her an even more interesting character. The writer, Alina Bronsky, does a good job at creating a narrative voice and sticking to it.But there are a lot of scenes that I felt had no relevance and went nowhere, and not enough attention paid to the bigger picture. less
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I wish goodreads allowed half stars, this is really more a 3.5 star book.
I loved this book. I won't be able to forget it for a long time.
Wonderful. More thoughts forthcoming in a video review.
Hell yes.
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