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365號殖民島 (2009)

by Allegra Goodman(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 3
9573265249 (ISBN13: 9789573265245)
review 1: Have to wait to be entertained. I greatly appreciate the author's effort in making an interesting post-apocalyptic story (and she might be a better adult writer), but this "first YA novel" frankly was not that thrilling. The best part of the novel was the setting up and description of the new world the characters live in. The idea was fabulous, but the plot was greatly lacking. If you actually analyze the novel, it's arguable there is not even a climax. I remember thinking-oh now something is actually happening an I was on page 233 of a 280 page novel. Don't be mistaken by the seemingly interesting setting and exposition the book is greatly lacking in any plot development- barely any action and not even motivation shown in the characters until maybe the last 20 pages. Lif... moree is too short to read a boring book. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME READING THIS BOOK!!! It doesn't even have a good ending. If you want a good island-based post-apocalyptic novel, read X isle
review 2: Island 365 was perfect. Everybody was happy. There was no sadness, no hurt, no pain. The sky changed colors at a certain time everyday. The whole island had a curfew. The people were brainwashed. Nobody ever went to the other side of the island. They were instructed not to. Wouldn't that get kind of old tho? Honor always wondered what was on the other side but when the controllers of the island found out what she was thinking they made sure they quickly got it off her mind. However when she went into the woods, she went a bit far and she saw the other side of the island. She learned more about her past then she wanted to know. It was scary and she couldn't go back home. less
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One of my favorite books of all time. This is the book that got me into science fiction.
Very mind-fueling and thought provoking. I loved it.
a great idea for a novel
Best book ever!
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