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Handmade Home: Simple Ways To Repurpose Old Materials Into New Family Treasures (2009)

by Amanda Blake Soule(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 1
1590305957 (ISBN13: 9781590305959)
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review 1: I'm one of those crunchy, granola types that is all about cloth diapers and pads and babywearing. As such, I really like the crafts featured in the book. I do intend to make some banners in her style (I have previously made others in another way and hers is more simplistic, which I like) and I like the towel bathmat idea. I loved the memory tree quilt but have never been a 'saver' of old clothes so I have nothing to use for it. I'm considering using scraps from my curtains to make a wall decoration, however. Just as there are great ideas, there are others I was completely unmoved by, like the doily scarf (yikes is that weird!)or the book (way, way, way too much work, plus a trip to Kinko's!)
review 2: I really enjoyed reading this book, it has some wonderful id
... moreeas, some I will use and some that are not for me but the idea behind the book is great especially if like me you have boxes full of old linens and fabrics. The reason why I did not rate this higher is most of the projects are too difficult to do with children, there are a couple of cute ones they could do but on the whole I see them as for me an adult and some I think will actually take longer than the time given in the book if you are a beginner at some of the projects. Another beautifully put together book. less
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This book gave me a lot of inspiration. Fairly simple projects that aren't too intimidating.
Just in case you never had a simple IDE of your own. Nice photos. Oh my god boring text.
creative ideas that could keep me busy forever
There are some great projects/ideas in book.
Inspirational ideas
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