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Mr. Darcy, Vampyre (2009)

by Amanda Grange(Favorite Author)
2.85 of 5 Votes: 3
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review 1: I finished it because it was a book on tape, and I have a two hour round trip to and from work every day. It's got a few things going for it. For example, it's not the worst book ever! Like most P&P spin offs, I was terribly disappointed with the Elizabeth character. She goes along with all of the strange goings on without even a question!? She and Darcy get chased from Darcy's uncle's mansion by an angry mob and she never even asks why!? It was a very sad representation in my mind. My advice would be not to bother with this book. Unless you have a long drive somewhere, in which case... try to find something else first...
review 2: Derbyshire to Dover in less than half a day by horse-drawn carriage! Has the writer no concept of the distances involved? I know
... moreit's fiction (and fantasy to boot) and reading lengthy passages about several days worth of carriage journeys and stop-overs at inns would be tedious - especially since there doesn't seem to be any dialog between Lizzie and her Mr Darcy - but I can't manage to suspend my disbelief for the rest of the plot when details like this just scream out.[return][return]In fact, without some exchange of wit or even just some dialog between Lizzie and Mr Darcy, one begins to wonder what is the point of this book. There's little vampyre action, and not much plot to keep you occupied or entertained. The romance is sadly lacking too, when the Darcy and his bride barely speak except to regurgitate snippets of text from the original, which is only quoted, it seems, to prove the author is familiar with the work. And when did the "clever" Miss Bennett metamorphosise into the dull and unobservant Mrs Darcy? Something in the wedding rites deprived her of her faculties it seems! Misses most of the charm of the original. less
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Hilariously bad, but even my tolerance for the ridiculous could not endure this through to the end.
Stopped reading after 2-3 chapters. Found out I didn't care if Darcy was a vampire or not.
So much better than I was expecting! Fun story even if it wasn't Darcy and Elizabeth.
I absolutely loved it! I would love to re-read it.
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