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Mz Mechanic (2012)

by Ambrielle Kirk(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 1
Obsidian Gem Publishing LLC
review 1: This was a short quick read Alexia could care less about her social life and was ok with focusing on her business. When help comes in the form of the laid back Shawn Morgan. The financial advisor knows how to crunch the numbers, but he’s also persuaded her to succumb to her real desires and needs. This book had a lot of errors with grammar and spelling and I felt that it was lacking in something. Overall this book was ok.
review 2: This is my first time reading Ambrielle Kirk's work. Mz Mechanic's plot was a bit predictable, but enjoyable.Female mechanic (Alexia) goes from geek to gorgeous after high school. In the process of expanding her family's business, she connects with a former popular classmate (Shawn) and sparks fly.I especially liked the dialogue be
... moretween Shawn and Alexia. The story was cute and to the point. That said, it could use some additional editing. The timeline seemed a little out of whack and the typos were noticeable.I'd describe Mz Mechanic as an erotic romance short story. The sex scenes are steamy-good and descriptive. For those of you into multi-racial romance, Shawn is biracial.I intend to read more of the author's works. I would like see how their romance grows in a longer book. Review by Skeeter Lee at Kinky Vanilla Romance less
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First time reading this author. Loved this short storu. Attention grabber!
Loved the characters and storyline but it's definitely erotica
it was a good read
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