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Fantoomliefde (2012)

by Aminatta Forna(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: This is an excellent addition to the surprisingly large subgenre of novels about European doctors in African civil wars (Cutting for Stone, The Last King of Scotland). Unfortunately, the first hundred pages are as dry and repellent as the rest of the novel is passionate and engaging--but it's very much worth pushing through them, because they aren't much indication of what the novel is really like. Also, some of the plotting is eyebrow-raising, but what I liked about the novel is how it made the characters' choices both comprehensible and questionable. Also, for all that it's a novel about sexual passion, it's also very much about friendship and companionship. And the subplot running through it about the degree to which European ideas of mental illness might be helpful... more, or even applicable in African settings is fascinating.
review 2: This story is set set in Serra Leone, a country in Western Africa, which is plagued by military coups and civil war. It's is story of three men, two citizens of Serra Leone and one British. These men are intellectuals a professor, a doctor and a psychologist. Each of them had their lives directly or indirectly influenced by the wars and each is trying to deal with it. Each of these men experience love and disappointment. The language is beautiful and the narrative is very picturesque. The author captures emotions and situations well. The stories go in circles but you are not in this for the story, you are here for the feel of the place and the people. After all this is literary fiction. less
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Very well written and impressive regarding the tragedies of war (and life)
This was a beautiful and moving story. I enjoyed reading this piece
Mooi. Traag. De oorlogsverhalen doen soms wat geforceerd aan.
weaving story of love, hardship, war, and friendship
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