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The Oath Of The Vayuputras (2013)

by Amish Tripathi(Favorite Author)
3.22 of 5 Votes: 5
9382618341 (ISBN13: 9789382618348)
Shiva Trilogy
review 1: Utterly disappointing! Just when I thought that this would end up as the most engaging in the series, the authors becomes delirious about what he was set to write. Just when the Neelkanth had to prove that he was the Mahadev and the destroyer of evil, he gets stuck in an emotional turmoil and loses his senses and his purpose. He destroys a city with most of its inhabitants with a weapon he was not supposed to use! Amish has turned the great Neelkanth of his two other books into an emotional fool of TV sops. But the real shame is the last 20 pages of the book in glorifying Shiva's achievements, which is difficult to comprehend, especially after the author has gloriously sabotaged his old plans to make Shiva God. It is really disappointing!
review 2: A terrible e
... morend to the trilogy. The whole concept of Somras being the ultimate Evil is indigestible. The language is very bad, seems like a school kid has written the book. The entire description of preparation of the war is just unreadable thanks to the bad language and boring descriptions. The worst part is climax, first, the entire enemy team suddenly has a change of heart after Sati's killing, something which made no sense. Secondly,Shiva, whose sole objective was to destroy only Somras factory without harming the people of Meluha now takes revenge of Sati's killing by destroying Meluha with a nuclear weapon! And on top of that they now want to preserve the knowledge of Somras by saving all people who possess the it's knowledge . Wasn't it declared and intended to be destroyed right at the start of the book?!It was quite a torture to read this book. I expected better from the author after the first two books. less
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Will read the triology once again...just can't resist the amazing story line.
An easy way to develop interest in Ancient India and its todays gods
Really amazing re-imagination of the Hindu mythology. Good work...
Great mixture of fiction & mythology . A must read.
lots of emotion in the end..a very sad ending...
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