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The Oath Of Vayuputras (2013)

by Amish Tripathi(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 4
9383260149 (ISBN13: 9789383260140)
Shiva Trilogy
review 1: I have read the all the books of the trilogy. This book is very captivating and definitely a page turner. Amish has the capability to amalgamate religious facts, beliefs, and history into a thrilling novel. In this third book of the series, Amish beautifully represents how Shiva understands what has turned Evil. Having already made a mistake of getting influenced by Suryavanshis and attacking the Chandravanshis in the first book, Shiva wants to ensure that he does not make any mistake in understanding Evil and the way to take it out of the equation to restore balance to the world.The Author writes in the style of Dan Brown with the difference that Dan Brown is a magician while Amish is a painter.
review 2: I loved the part where Sati's death and Shiva's heartbr
... moreeaks are described. I liked the part where Sati's fight with the Egyptian assassins are portrayed. Overall the way the writer logically and scientifically describes the mythical lores are interesting and impressive. Working with myths is a Herculean task and it had been a great read. but there could have been a fitter end to the Shiva's quest and struggles. less
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Amish sir i have become your fan...and also turned in a faithful devote of shiva....
gripping but with an abrupt ending. I expected a little bit more in the climax
best book in triology. make everything sensible
Excellent book.. Its really gripping.
Disappointing end to the trilogy.
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