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The Immortals Of Meluha (2010)

by Amish Tripathi(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 8
8183860699 (ISBN13: 9788183860697)
Shiva Trilogy
review 1: This is mythical fiction book. Very well written where he writes about Shiva moving from Mount Kailash with his tribe to Meluha. Where he was given somras. The effect of somras made his throat change color to blue and was declared Neelkanth. For meluhans who were waiting for Neelkanth for centuries was a welcome news as they had found their lord, who would save them from evil attacks. Very nice fiction with good philosophies. Author is very creative writer and spiritual too.Highly recommended.
review 2: As a reader, i have no qualms on Amish going a bit ahead with his creative skills and starting with Shiva as a man. Its an intriguing premise. But what killed me is the pathetic writing and horrible editing. When i read Shiva and Nandi talking about "SLA- servic
... moree level agreement" for a restaurant is the moment i decided - enough is enough. Author needs to make an effort to come out of his comfort zone. not write in his comfort zone and make readers squirm. Not recommending if you want a good read. less
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An easy way to develop an interest in Ancient India and its today's gods
Very good storyline but very poorly written. Could added
Its good blend of fiction and mythology by Amish.
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