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Pato! Coelho! (2010)

by Amy Krouse Rosenthal(Favorite Author)
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Cosac Naify
review 1: Duck RabbitRosenthal, A. K., & Lichtenheld, T. (2009). Duck! Rabbit!. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books.Tumble Book Duck! Rabbit! Is a wonderful book about perception, where a shape can look like a duck or a rabbit. This book is a great book to watch on Tumble. It shows how one child sees the shape and how the other one sees it. This book is great to use in an early childhood classroom. I would use this as a graphing activity before reading the book asking the kids if it was a duck or a rabbit. PreK-3rd Grade.
review 2: Duck! Rabbit!Brief summary This is a picture book that must be seen to really appreciate. There is an argument off the page of whether or not the illustration is a duck or a rabbit. Each give their side until they agree with each other until
... morethe next pictureAnnotation - a great way to introduce perception and to ask children what they see.Age appropriatenessConnection to six early literacy skills Print Motivation - The story keeps the reader going and the reader will want to grab this book so they can look at each drawing themselves. Opinion - I like this book because it does give both sides of a perceived notion from a drawing. I personally think it is a bunny. less
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I guess I'm the only person on Goodreads who doesn't care whether it's a duck or a rabbit.
simple and very funny with fun illustrations- very easy to read
I think it is a good book for little kids to guess what it is
Use to talk about different perspectives
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