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Pojken Som Måste Överleva (2013)

by Andrea Kane(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 1
Förlaget Harlequin
Forensic Instincts
review 1: The book kept me immersed for hours. This is the second book by Andrea Kane about the Forensics Instinct Team as they go about searching for for answers to why someone disappeared and how they can get him back so that he can undergo testing to save his newborn son.The book starts out as the FI has just finished a job and one of the guys gets a call to find the father of a newborn who has major health issues. The mother's story tugs at his heart and he accepts the case before running it through his team. While they are a bit pissed that he accepted a job without discussing it with anyone else, they do agree to take it to assist this single mother and her helpless son.In searching for the father, there is a lot of intrigue and many other issues come up including bad guys... more, the mob, the FBI and a lot of other agencies who want to keep the father "dead".I will not give away any of spoilers but would recommend this book to anyone who likes a lot of mystery, a little bit of sex and just the right amount of team work to get the job done.I hope she writes more books about this team because I really like reading about their group cohesiveness and the way that each of their talents builds into the groups expertise.
review 2: This was a fairly well written book, but personally, I was not on the edge while I was reading so I did not feel it was too suspenseful. I did enjoy the couple of romances going on. I guess it was a romantic suspense. Girl meets guy. Guy disappears and it appears he was murdered. Girl finds out she is pregnant shortly after disappearance. Baby is born with a compromised immune system. Girl hires a group called "Forensic Instincts" to find missing guy in hopes he is still alive so he can be a donor for baby. And the suspense begins. less
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2nd book in the Forensic Instinct series. A winner. I puffy heart Kane's writing.
Good, fast-paced read, perfect for summer enjoyment.
Once you begin, you will be sucked in!!!!!
If your looking for a light read
didn't like
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