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Una Prateria Straniera (Storie Della Prateria) (2013)

by Andrew Grey(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 4
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: Another nice story in the range series. I didn't enjoy it as much as the first ones because, although Wally and Dakota made an appearance, this book was set outside of their own ranch. And, these characters, while nice, weren't as endearing to me. Willie has been a country western singer for ten years when he finally decides to chuck the LA lifestyle and focus on himself by buying a ranch in Wyoming (next to Wally and Dakota). There he meets Steve, a young man who shows up to take a job with the previous owner and is left destitute when he finds out that he's no longer needed. Through a series of coincidences, Willie realizes this and offers him an opportunity to "ranch sit" while he goes back to LA to get his belongings. On his return, he's surprised to find that St... moreeve has started training horses for Wally and Dakota and is excited about the possibility of staying on and doing more of that. Willie is very attracted to him and the two eventually develop a relationship. Steve's mysterious background is finally revealed, Willie is outted, and the guys end up with an HEA. That's a very simplified version of a story that's much more intricate. This is a nice story for a beach read or for a cold winter night when you want to curl up with some sweet guys. I'll be reading more of this series, because I always enjoy this author's style and I love Wally and Dakota and hope to see more of them.
review 2: I really like Wilson. He knew he was a fake and was going to try and get out there and find out what a REAL cowboy was like by buying a ranch and moving out to the country. He was just burned out and needed to get away so he could get back to his music and the peace of the range inspires him... as does his new hired hand, Steve.But Wilson (aka Willie) is in the closet and is worried that he would lose a lot of his fans if the word gets out that he is gay. But when the going gets rough, he stands up and is there to speak out for Steve and for himself.Steve is another member of the "sh*tty dads who screw over their sons" club with a dad who is trying to 'deprogram' him into not being gay. Sheesh!! These poor guys.Another good read and sorry to see that book 4 is the last one available. less
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Love this series. Couldn't put this one down. Great job as always Mr. Grey!!!
Very sweet.
3.5 stars
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