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La Curiosité Est Un Péché Mortel (2007)

by Ann Granger(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 1
2264058749 (ISBN13: 9782264058744)
Lizzie Martin
review 1: I hate to say it but I was disappointed with this book, and after reading the first book in the Lizzie Martin/Ben Ross series my expectations were probably too high. I loved everything about the first book (A Rare Interest in Corpses) and could wax lyrical about it but this book left me wanting so much more.It had so much potential to go further, delve deeper, and really make for a fabulous plot. Instead, I found it to be rushed and in some parts, glossed over. The first two-thirds of the book was the best and then suddenly I felt as though I were being pulled urgently along, like the author was saying in my head, we must get to the end. We must go now. I have to get to my word count and not dilly-dally. How on earth the main female character Lizzie Martin managed to get f... moreull confessions from two other characters, one in less than half an hour of having met her, I do not know. I wasn't convinced and it left me feeling a little bit uncomfortable. That aside, I do enjoy Ann Granger's characterizations and her style of writing is infectious. I will read more of her work, she has a certain writer's style that keeps me intrigued.
review 2: Nice little mystery series with some characteristics of Anne Perry's William Monk series. In this title, Lizzie Martin is "walking out" with Benjamin Ross of Scotland Yard, which I assume she began in the #1 book in the series. She takes a temporary position as a companion to a teenager, recently delivered of a baby, whose family has sent her to live in a secluded home in a beach village south of London. Is Lucy suffering from Victorian post partum depression? Is she unbalanced? What is with the spinster sisters who dress the same? The nice touch to this story is that all the threads are not neatly tied off at the end. less
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Started very slowly, then the pace picked up and the book became interesting.
I found this one even better than the first in the series.
Second book in Lizzie Martin Victorian mystery series
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