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Neugier Ist Ein Schneller Tod: Ein Fall F?r Lizzie Martin Und Benjamin Ross (2007)

by Ann Granger(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 3
3838701429 (ISBN13: 9783838701424)
Bastei L?bbe
Lizzie Martin
review 1: Yet another Victorian age spinster and detective duo series. However, they seem to be low on the sexual tension-o-meter. Lizzie is eminently practical, looking on their relationship (they are "walking out" together at this point) as unsatisfactory in that her beau is often and will often been called away on police business.Against his advice, she has taken a position as a companion to a very young mother who is grieving the loss of her newborn child. The family, wealthy import merchants, has a very isolated home, which adds to the tension. Lizzie doesn't have to be there long before someone dies - someone outside the family but on the grounds. The young mother seems to vary between normal teenager under stress to complete looney ... but that's a fine line.Is the situation ... morereally as her family paints it? And why is there an alienist come to visit at the same time as Lizzie arrives?Does the first Mrs. Rochester live in the attic? Enjoyable. Plan to read more.
review 2: This was a good Victorian murder mystery. I enjoyed the story, which was well-written, and the characters, who were appropriate for the era, but also pushed the boundaries a bit, especially the female protagonist.Lizzie Martin is a smart, spunky young woman who is unfortunately beholden to her Aunt for a home, to the pleasure of neither. Her friend Inspector Ben Ross of Scotland Yard is very fond of Lizzie, but neither of them are presently able to make a formal attachment.When Lizzie's aunt tells her that a friend in the country has a young niece who's just lost her baby and requires a companion, Lizzie agrees to go. However once she arrives, she realizes there is much more going on in the house than she first thought.The young grieving mother, Lucy, insists that her baby is not dead, but has been stolen, lending credence to the family's belief that Lucy may be mad. But the two very odd aunts with whom Lucy is staying worry Lizzie for their seeming disinterest in Lucy's distress, and are almost contemptuous of Lucy entirely.When the travelling rat-catcher who was sinister and frightening turns up murdered in the back garden of the house, Lizzie is convinced that something very wrong has taken place. Since she doesn't have any confidence the murder will be properly investigated by the locals who are beholden to the wealthy aunts, Lizzie convinces Inspector Ross to come and look into the matter.The story is spun out effectively, and the character of Lizze especially makes the plot enjoyable. The resolution of the murder I found made sense after it was revealed. The book also does a very good job of showing the different people of the Victorian era, and how social class impacted not only your opportunities, but how the rest of society saw and interacted with various people. A good read. less
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A fine book, not out standing but solid and I do like a series.
Excellent. Gripping mystery and good characterization.
Good so far... Very Sherlock-ian.
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