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A Better Quality Of Murder (2010)

by Ann Granger(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 4
0755349083 (ISBN13: 9780755349081)
Lizzie Martin
review 1: Having never read anything by this author, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. The author does a nice job of evoking the period feeling of London, giving enough information to allow you to glimpse what it might have been like to live in those times without boring the reader with too much detail. I also liked the ending of the book, surprising as it was; suffice it to say that it was a true reality check on the trade-offs that often must be made.
review 2: I was so excited for this book to be released that I rushed out to purchase it as soon as my local book store had got a copy in. I was very let down after reading A Better Quality of Murder. I found the mystery itself to be particularly transparent. I was disappointed to find that the
... more main characters (Lizzie Martin and her husband Ben Ross) had not evolved in any way after three novels. To be blunt, they were boring. I cannot help but imagine the authoress-- Ann Granger-- is in a bit of a funk after some thirty plus works, as her last title: Mud, Muck And Dead Things was a bit of a let down as well. Hopefully, the next title by Mrs. Granger will not disappoint. less
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Very enjoyable although perhaps not as good as the 2nd (previous) book in the series.
Love Ann Granger! A good cozy read. Lizzie took a backseat in this one though.
What a lovely book to read I enjoyed it totally.
good description of old England in the 1800's
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