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Don't Tell Penny (2013)

by Anna Bell(Favorite Author)
2.95 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: The author does a good job of portraying her characters even if they are all a bit trite. There's nothing new, different, or even original about this story, but it is well told, and I enjoyed reading it even though I could have bet money on how it ended and been right on target. Penny is somewhat of a throwback to how women once were but aren't supposed to be any longer. Louise is the long-suffering best friend who, it seems, will always take a back and saner seat to Penny's stage full of drama. If I were Louise, and thank God I'm not, I would be rethinking my choice of best friend. But I'm going deeper into these women than I think the author probably intended. This is a well written short story, and after I finished it, I wondered if the author was thinking of doing a bo... moreok of short stories, or expanding to a novel. If she does, I would be interested in reading more of her. I read this book at Book Shout where I received a free copy. I had no prior knowledge of what Anna had written before, nor did I know she'd written about these characters previously. That doesn't change the content of my review, but hopefully it minimizes my ignorance about what this author has written previously or since.
review 2: Firstly, this seems to be a prequel to the authors previously released book 'Don't tell the Groom'. As I'm not familiar with this author, I went into this without realising there is a previous book.I read a lot of American novels so it made a refreshing change to read an English author and a book set in England. Lou and her husband Russel are meeting their friends Penny & Mark. Penny is convinced tonight will be the night that Mark proposes.This is a very short read and told from Lou's POV. There were a lot of things in it I could relate to and which made me smile. It was a simple but sweet story. less
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nice light read. its leading to another book, so not much given away .
Cute introduction to Don't Tell the Groom, I'd be keen to read it now.
Prequel to Don't Tell The Groom. Very short.
A nice little quick read on your way home.
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