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El Fuego Inmortal (2012)

by Anne Ursu(Favorite Author)
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The Cronus Chronicles
review 1: Ursu, A. The Immortal Fire. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers.510 pages (Yikes!).Appetizer: In the final Cronus Chronicles novel, Charlotte is still recovering from the adventures in the last novel, The Siren Song. She and Zee are back at school, but all is not right in the world. They watch the news, knowing that the world is unravelling as the Greek gods stop hiding their existence from humanity. Philonecron is keeping busy too, more certain than ever that he is going to become the ruler of the universe, he visits an Oracle and receives some disturbing news.Zeus, the current ruler of the universe, is not a fan of all the new chaos. In fact, he thinks it might be time to be done with the silly humans for once and for all.I have to say, I am sad that this s... moreeries has ended. The narration of this series is so fun. I absolutely love Charlotte and the themes (sacrificing one for the many, the continuation of life after death, etc.). I just wish I wasn't reading these thick books under a dissertation related time frame. It puts a bit of a dampener on the enjoyment factor.)I enjoyed The Immortal Fire immensely. The jumps back and forth in time made more sense with this book than with the second one. The voices of the gods were incredibly engaging. I also loved Philonecron's realization that Charlotte and he should be "frenemies."Part of the reason I wish there were more books in this series is that the ending of The Immortal Fire did seem a little rushed. There are all these wonderful tensions about how the humans may have to rebel against the lazy-slacker Greek gods and I felt like that key conflict was dismissed too easily. Plus, I felt like I wasn't left with a clear picture of what Charlotte and Zee's life would be like after the events of the story. It was a little dissatisfying. (But also, since I'd hit page 500, I was also pretty ready to JUST BE DONE WITH THE BOOK!!!!)Dinner Conversation:"At the cradle of civilization, close to the belly button of the world, there is a sea like no other on Earth. This sea is unique for many reasons--the particular wine-dark color of its water, the fact that it is at the nexus of three continents, and of course because of the vast population of Immortals who call it home. Up until about an hour ago, it was also unique because on it there sailed a yacht like no other--but there is not much of that yacht left anymore, thanks to the ministrations of a rather vengeful, extremely giant, giant squid" (p. ix)."A few days later, half a world away, one ordinary eighth-grader girl was lying on the couch in her den, stroking her cat and feeling sick. There was nothing too extraordinary about this situation; this girl stayed home from school, and if you looked at her you would not be surprised. For Charlotte Mielswetzski (you know how to pronounce that by now, right? Meals-wet-ski?) was covered in gross yellow bruises and small cuts and wore her wrist in a splint and generally looked as if she had had an unfortunate encounter with a very large falling piano" (p. 3)."The gods had retreated because Zeus didn't want to deal with humanity anymore. And they kept it so humanity didn't know they existed. That didn't mean they didn't interfere--some gods used the mortal realm as their playground, and people as their playthings. The policy seemed to be that they could do whatever they wanted as long as no one noticed them.Well, people were noticing them now" (p. 11)."This was the way of things. [Philonecron] was a hero, this was a hero's journey, an epic for the ages--the saga of a humble demon's long journey from Underworld garbage collector to Supreme Lord of All Creation. He never wanted an enemy--he was peace loving, not prone to conflict--but every hero had a nemesis, one as terrible as he was great. It was only literary. It was the conquest of the Universe, after all. One did expect it to be literary" (p. 57)."Yes, [Zeus] had made a decision, but circumstances change and a good leader changes with them. The children had caused all of this, and maybe humanity needed to be punished for it. Zeus hated to give Hera the satisfaction of doing what she wanted, but if those children did one more thing it would be time to make another decision. It would be a terrible bother, of course, and his world would be a little more empty without humans, but sometimes you have to suffer for justice.They had one more chance" (p. 125)."[Mr. Metos] paused and gazed at the cousins. "Though now I find I have a new [purpose].""What's that?" Charlotte asked."Keeping the two of you alive.""Oh," said Zee."And apparently I cannot do that by myself, and I cannot do that while you two lead your daily lives in the open. I have made every attempt to shield you from danger, and with every attempt the danger seems only to grow. There's only one option that I can see."Charlotte and Zee looked at each other. "What?" Charlotte asked, her voice shaking a little."You are coming with me. We are going to the Prometheans" (pp. 158-159).
review 2: The final installment in The Cronus Chronicles. After having been to the Underworld and then battling Poseidon, Charlotte and Zee must head for Olympus to take on Zeus himself. They must find the fire Prometheus stole from the gods and take it to Olympus to force Zeus to intervene and save the world. They must also face a final show down with Philonecron who wants to dethrone the king of the gods and take over himself. less
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Third in the series. I enjoyed thirteen year olds getting the better of gods.
Again, great sense of humor. Wished there were more books in the series.
Stayed up too late just to finish. Awesome.
It is pretty good so far.
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