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The Immortal Fire (2009)

by Anne Ursu(Favorite Author)
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141690591X (ISBN13: 9781416905912)
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
The Cronus Chronicles
review 1: A fair conclusion to the Cronus Chronicles Some things I liked were-1. Charlotte's consideration towards her parents which she not COMPLETELY had last time. (When she left her parents a note the time she went into the Underworld) uh HELLO! You're not going to the grocery store! This is the Underworld you're talking about!2. The exchange of dialogue between Zeus and Hera- I'm not explaining anything there 3. Zeus's personality ONLY at times when his reactions and body language was comic. e.g. When Charlotte "sacrificed" herself he made it more comic than tragic by his remarks and actionsThese were many among the things I likedNow we come to the dreaded ? partThings I DIDN'T like-1. I felt Zee suffered from lack of character development in this book2. Steve was a whiny brat ... morewho only showed his able side a little at the climax when facing Zeus3. There were a lot of rambling instances and scenes were pages were spent on just explaining things that didn't need to be explainedOther than that this book was great!
review 2: Finally, the last in the Cronus series and my least favorite . I had to force myself to read the story of Charlotte and Zee and their finally attempt to not only save the world but improve the treatment of the dead in the underworld. The miraculously travel around the world with a secret organization and an old friend from book 2 to find the key to motivating zeus in helping preserve humanity. phil is on the move with Poseidon's power and a secret weapon, which proves to be his undoing.The ending is truly anticlimactic and the final chapter does nothing more but set this up for more books in either a continuing series or spin-off series. I feel the series in underwritten and does not engage the reader with its characters, descriptions or pacing. less
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I thought this book was really good! I read this book first then the first.
This one was actually better than The Shadow Thieves...Loved it! :) :) :)
It was WAY better than # 1
Really enjoyable reading
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