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Scorpia Rising (2011)

by Anthony Horowitz(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 4
0399250573 (ISBN13: 9780399250576)
Philomel Books
Alex Rider
review 1: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEADI love the Alex Rider series and I think that this book is the second best out of all the Alex Rider books(I found Eagle Strike the best). Scorpia have received a mission a retrieve the Elgin Marbles from England and return it to Greece.They hand the job to a new member-Razim who is a very intelligent person,a ruthless creature(who sacrificed his own parents), and a master of manipulation. He creates a plan to manipulate MI6 and send Alex Rider to Cairo where they will blackmail MI6 to return the marbles.I love books containing strategy and manipulation and this book could have very well become my best one in the series. However the thing that didn't make the cut for me was that they gave away the plan to the reader in the beginning. That was what lower... moreed my liking of the book because if Alex was sent to Cairo first and if we found out later that Scorpia was pulling the strings, it would have been a great surprise. Since they already told the plan in the beginning, the predictability of the book increased which I disliked. I mean come on, did we KNOW that Jack Starbright was going to be killed after being manipulated by Razim? Did we know that he had manipulated Jack and did we know his plan of manipulation beforehand? It was a surprise and just the same way not giving out the master plan would have been an even bigger surprise and would have made the story more enjoyable.Still, Scorpia Rising is a great book that is worth reading.
review 2: Alex Rider faces his biggest challenge yet to come . Fifteen year old brave reluctant spy Alex Rider has bested Scorpia twice in the past year, undermining their reputation as the world's most formidable crime organization . Scorpia is hired to return a collection of classical Marble sculptures back to Greece , the plan can not fail . Scorpia is also planing to have revenge on Alex Rider also on this process . Scorpia caught Alex Rider in a trap , has the elite crime organization finally found a way to crush MI6's secret weapon ? less
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Heartbreaking and yet a fitting end to the Alex Rider series.
Didn't like the ending. But it was a good book to read.
One Part (which I shall not say) was really sad :(
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