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Lost And Fondue (2011)

by Avery Aames(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 2
0425241580 (ISBN13: 9780425241585)
A Cheese Shop Mystery
review 1: WHAT IS IT ABOUT:Charlotte's business is booming, and her best friend Meredith has invited her to cater an event she is running at a local abandoned winery. But during the festivities one of the guests is murdered, and Meredith's niece Quinn is the main suspect. Charlotte agrees to help Meredith clear Quinn's name. However murder isn't the only thing Charlotte has to worry about. Strange things are going on with Jordan, and her Cousins estranged wife is back in town. Charlotte will have to stay on track if she is to find out who the real culprit is.WHAT WE THOUGHT:Easily as good as the first one. It was nice to see the progression of Charlotte and Jordan's relationship, still as steady and realistic as before. Throughout this whole novel he is trying to get her to agre... moree to go away fro the weekend with him, Charlottes attitude to this did annoy us at times, she is SUCH a control freak. But I think that the fact she didn't agree straight away to jump in bed with him is actually a good point towards her character, as so many characters in her position would have given in LOOOOOONG before now.The actual mystery plot line was just as well written in this novel as the last. It had suspects popping up everywhere, all with decent motives and alibis and making it very difficult for the reader to establish who the actual culprit was until the big reveal at the end. Aames is incredibly talented at weaving a complex storyline, I hate mystery books where the plot is so see-though that you work out the whole thing even before the obviously stupid fictional detective has formed a half decent theory. This is never the case with these books. Although the likelihood of this many murders taking place in such a small town over such a short space of time (not even a year has passed since the first book), is highly unlikely, this fact can be overlooked due to the fact that Aames has created such a compelling and likeable world filled with characters you really want to get to know,
review 2: This is the second book in the “A Cheese Shop Mystery” series by Avery Aames. I finally got to it in my TBR pile.Fun cozy mystery, but not as quick a read for me as the first. I think there were so many characters and location changes (a closed winery, an inn, the shop, etc.) that I had to read more carefully. Many new characters and recurring ones from the first book round out a robust cast.The mystery was well done and I really had no idea “whodunnit” until Charlotte, the protagonist, did. Charlotte is a good cozy mystery sleuth, in that she actually investigates the mystery. I prefer that to sleuths who just seem to stumble on the resolution. I enjoyed all the cheese information (I love cheese and food themed cozies so this is a great combination for me). This outing was very romance light, almost a passing note, which was fine with me because there was so much else going on in the story.All in all, a good cozy mystery with a bit more reading “meat” in it than the average cozy. The first one in this series, The Long Quiche Goodbye, is still my favorite so far, but I intend to read the next one, Clobbered by Camembert, soon. less
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If you love cheese and murder in a quirky small town…. You will like this "cheesy" book!
Ok mystery like the first. Enjoy the recipes.
Fun - actually out-loud funny.
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