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Days Of Wine And Roquefort (2014)

by Avery Aames(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 2
0425255557 (ISBN13: 9780425255551)
A Cheese Shop Mystery
review 1: Very meh. Mildly entertaining, but not enough so that I would really look to read another book from this author. The main characters' constant whodunit conjectures were mostly annoying and usually bordering on the ridiculous. I halfway expected the "bad guy" at the end to have his mask pulled off and exclaim, "And I would've gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for you nosy kids!" And I like the whole cuisine-and-a-story idea, but it can be difficult to pause right after a murder to wax poetic about a Brie with gorgeous overtones topped with fruit that highlights the notes of walnut. Now back to the corkscrew sticking out of her throat... Yeah, didn't work well for me. And I pretty much saw the end coming but I LIKED to be fooled and caught off guard at the end... more. I had a couple of "facts" not quite right, but I was on track a lot faster than the main character which takes the fun out of it for me. I just kept waiting for her to catch up and stop making stupid guesses.On the other side, if you like this series you will continue to like it. The characters are quirky and kind of fun, even though I didn't find myself really caring about them. It's very light reading, good enough for a boring afternoon. If you're a fan, have at it! If you're not, you might be happier with a different series. Read a few pages and see if it pulls you in, that's always the best test!
review 2: Once again Charlotte is caught up in a murder while trying to run her cheese shop. A friend of her cousin's is staying with her and is murdered in Charlotte's garage with a corkscrew. The main suspect is the angry ex-boyfriend, but it soon becomes apparent that the victim had a secret, one that got her killed.Like the other books in this series, there are a lot of side stories and info about cheeses. less
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Enjoyable light mystery. Lots of good information if you are interested in cheeses and wine.
did not like. could barely read. Shallow and a waste of time
review to come after the 15th
Pretty good cosy mystery
3.5 solid
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