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Jimmie Barnes (2010)

by Barry C. Davis(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 5
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Davis, Barry
review 1: This is a story about an old black slave; he claims he was 132 year old. He father was promised 40 acres of land and a mule if he would fight in the civil war. His father died and Jimmie Barnes spent the rest of his life trying to get his 40 acres that he would have inherited. He approached several US Presidents and other powerful people which no-one would help him. He tells his life story and his last person to help him was President Ronald Reagan. This is a very good historical fiction story. The story line was good, the characters were well defined, and the book was well written. I enjoyed reading it.
review 2: Unforgettable, incredible -- What a wonderful book. The story seems simple at it's base form. In 1988, when the story takes place, Jimmie Barn
... morees is an old black man living in an assisted living home and befriended and cared for by the owner, Lee Ann. Jimmie isn't just old, he is very old -- 132 years old, he was born a slave, but at 132 he is proud to announce that he has all of his marbles and all of his teeth. He is driven by an old goal which keeps him going and fighting -- he is still, and again petitioning the US government for reparation -- the return of the 40 acres and the mule that the government promised former slaves freed during the Civil war who then fought in the Northern army. His father received his land and mule, but just a couple of months later, the night riders forced the family out of the area. As the story unfolds, you see many figures you know from history books and the news reflected in the light of Jimmie Barnes as he corresponds and meets a world of personalities -- and this author makes it all believable and so skillfully intertwines the various story lines that they make perfect sense. What a fun read and what a great way of reviewing an enormous chunch of US history. I received this book free from Kindle, now it is $4.99 from Amazon and very well worth it. less
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Remember this is FICTION. Some interesting twists, especially at the end.
Fascinating story! Wonderfully written and excellent reading.
Well written -loved the very original story and the twists
a little slow but awesome story...dynamic ending
Easy read. Not bad.
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