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A Strange And Bitter Fruit (2000)

by Barry C. Davis(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I know that it's only January, but I've a feeling that this may be one of the best books that I'll read in 2014. I've never read any books by, or even heard of Barry Davis until I ran across this one on some unremembered website. It sounded good, and it was. This tells the story of Tee (Thomas) Powell, who narrowly escaped the lynching that killed his mother, father, and two sisters, one of them only 3 years old at the time. He runs the gamut from hatred, revenge, guilt, and finally the end of his story, which I won't give away. Davis explains in his notes that he could not find a publisher because they didn't think that readers would find Tee to be a sympathetic character. They were wrong.
review 2: This is a true story about Thomas 'Tee' Powell in South Car
... moreolina. A small Negro boy saw his whole family lynched by the KKK. When he grew up he chased down all KKK members that was involved to get revenge and consequences by finding and killing them. This is a story of violence and race. Tee goes to all lengths to kill these men. He get married has two children and a loving wife but during one of the fights his own little girl gets killed and he then decides the battle is over no more killings. Tee and his wife raised their son while Tee works in a coal mine. Years later after his son is grown his son decides he should finish what his dad started. You must read the book to find out how it ends. This is a very good story, it was a little hard for me to get into at first but then the story was getting better and better and was hard to put down. A great book I enjoyed it. A story you will never forget. less
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This book really bothered me, as I can understand the hopeless feeling of the black people.
Excellent story but too much violence for me. And the ending left me unsatisfied.
I liked the story but wish the book had been better edited.
This was a heart-wrenching read.
Gripping story.
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