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Lucky Day (2000)

by Barry Lyga(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: If you are fans of the I Hunt Killers trilogy, Lucky Day is a must read. This short novella takes on the perspective of Sheriff G. Williams. By reading this, you will get a better glimpse into the life of the sheriff up until the discovery of Billy Dent. This is the first of the prequels to the series. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars. It was not as interesting as the series itself, but that may just have been because it was short. It is about 80 pages, so it is enough for a small prequel. In a way, it was a little repetitive at times with the main character’s background which was a little bit disappointing, but I would recommend that everyone read the original books. Reading this without having read the others first would have been a little hard to follow, so I... more would say that in order to really enjoy it I would start with I Hunt Killers and then continue with Lucky Day. If you are a fan of Young Adult murder, mystery, and forensics, this series will be a major hit for you. I gave each of the books in the original series 5 stars. It is a must read.For more book reviews like this, you can visit my site at: treestandbookreviews.wordpress.com
review 2: G. WIlliam has only told one person what the G stands for...and it's Billy Dent, the notorious serial killer...go figure. We know from the Jasper Dent trilogy that G William captures Billy more by accident than by design, but we have never heard the story.Now I know. I know how sad and lonely G William is, and how hopeless. He appreciates Billy's efforts to contribute to little Lobo Nob. He admires the single father's struggles to raise his son.But with a single jump of connections, G William does what no fancy FBI agent can...not even Morales. He catches Billy. It's his lucky day. And it puts into play everything that happens to Jasper and Howie and Connie, and yes, G William.Others have said they were sad this wasn't a longer book. I agree...would love to know more. But for the novella this is, it's perfect. Even tho it feels so strange to read this last...the first episode of the story, read after I know how everything really ends for Jasper and Howie and Connie and G William.Glad to revisit Lobo Nob, if only for a short time. less
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This was a satisfying novella which gave a bit more insight into G. Williams character.
I like getting the back story from other characters... makes everything even creepier.
An unnecessary addition to the Jasper Dent series. Just read the full-length books.
An interesting short story on G. William.
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