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Moordvader (2012)

by Barry Lyga(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 3
De Boekerij
review 1: A sad little prequel to 'I Hunt Killers'. Gives a bit more backstory into the characters before the main storyline. I really enjoyed this. Lyga's writing style is simple yet he still manages to pack a punch. He can switch from comedy to downright chilling instantly. The end of this made me tear up a little. I will be reading I Hunt Killers soon. (Oh, and can I just say how awesome it is that there's an interracial couple in this? XD )
review 2: Barry Lyga has a direct line to that placid little place in my heart that seldom makes itself known; and he knows how to make it rear up like a gargantuan fist of feelings to sucker punch me straight in the gut.Career Day is a short story that can make novels wish they were as enthralling, as engaging, as deep as it is.I
... more have read some of the best novels, short stories, & novellas the world has to offer but this.. man, this wipes the floor with all of them. less
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Nothing happens, but you do get a better sense of who Jazz is and I liked seeing him meet Connie.
Loved this quick little peek into Jaspers mind and how much Billy messed him up!
Short, but Howie was great
3.5 stars
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