Uneasy Spirits 3


What a moment between Annie and Nate!!! So intense!!! I had been delighted when they had their intimate moments, for example, when they were searching the Framptons’ house and had to hide in Evie May’s cabinet when the couple arrived unexpectedly. The kisses and caresses they shared there showed the growing love they had for each other. Then Nate kept thinking that he wanted to marry Annie, and when the journalist told him about a chance to work for the general attorney, he thought it would be the best chance to give Annie what she deserved.

Things come to a head when on Thanksgivings’ night Annie throws a party and Nate attends. Nate learns that Annie had kept something from him. That week Annie had almost died when some barrels came tumbling down, hitting the spot Annie had just been standing on a second ago. It was Jamie’s dog who scurried away and when Annie went after him, she was spared. Jamie saw a man running away later on, so Annie thinks that it wasn’t an accident, but somebody trying to kill her. When Nate learns that Annie hadn’t told him, he gets angry. He also learns other things she has kept from him like when she was pushed off the horse car and injured her knees. Then incensed Nate gives him a passionate speech about his feelings and his longing to marry her. He even tells her about his chance to work for the Republicans so that she could stop working and even sell the boarding house. This doesn’t sit well with Annie, who realises that this is not the man who she thought he was. She hates the idea that Nate would ally with a corrupted party as if this would make her happy, and then she abhors how Nate thought she would be happy depending on him completely just like her late husband had done. Annie is a very independent person, and she thought Nate would respect her independence. Her marriage to John had been very unhappy because he had treated her as if she were chattel. So that night Nate goes miserable and Annie is left with the same feelings. Oh I feel so bad for them. I think that Nate means well, and he is not as bad as his words implied. I hope they can talk soon and sort out things.

As for the Framptons Annie discovers that they are frauds, and all the music, the moving tables, and the lights are just tricks they use with the help of Albert and his wife. What Annie hasn’t discovered is something that she can go to the police with. She suspects that the Framptons use their fake seances to get information and blackmail their clients. What Annie is more worried about is what this couple is doing to Evie May. When Annie talks to a former spiritualist who had a similar experience with her first husband who manipulated her, so this woman, Flora, thinks that this is what is happening to Evie, and the different identities Annie has seen in the girl are just some protectors from the spiritual world. I hope that Annie manages to help Evie, and hopefully, Nate will also help her and forget their tiff.

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