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Tarnished Knight (2013)

by Bec McMaster(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 3
1301577138 (ISBN13: 9781301577132)
review 1: This novella is a good follow up to "Kiss of Steel" and I really enjoyed learning more about the physical mech aspects and how a mech with the craving virus would act and behave. That most of the plot could be sorted out with a good conversation is fairly common and annoying. I'm very glad this was just a novella, since an entire novel of will they/won't they he's stubborn/she's stubborn would drive me crazy (in a bad way). But I liked seeing another step in where the overall story arch is going and hope the series continues to be a great read and a fun entry in the Steampunk genere. (less)
review 2: Hmmmm. This was another freebie....and, well, I didn't care for it. There was no story. It was barely window dressing for sex scenes. Remember in junior high a
... morend high school how you'd pass around novels with dog-eared pages on 'the good parts' and with virginal eyes read steamy sex scenes? Yeah, that's what this is, so if that's what you want, you will love it. Victorian Vampire Steampunk Smut. That's the genre here....and there is potential for an actual story, but noooooooooo we have to read about throbbing cocks and such. I'm no prude, but good sex scenes should be part of the story (if appropriate) not the entire raison d'etre. That's what writing into Playboy or Hustler is for. less
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Love everything about this series. Steamy, funny & heartfelt.
Eh. Wasn't too great. Glad I got it for free!
Loved this novella! Very worthwhile read!
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