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The Curious Case Of The Clockwork Menace (2014)

by Bec McMaster(Favorite Author)
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Smashwords Edition
review 1: The Curious Case of the Clockwork Menace is a wonderful whodunit mystery set in Bec McMaster’s London Steampunk world. It is listed as book 3.5, but story does go back 3 years in time. The book shares the story of one of Perry and Garrett's cases, one of some significance that is mentioned in book #4, Forged by Desire. It can be read as a stand alone story, or in conjunction with Forged, and in fact, I didn’t ever read it until after I finished Forged by Desire. In the context of the series, it is a great piece of backstory, and is clearly an event that helped bring Perry and Garrett together in Forged. The nighthawks are commissioned by Lord Rommell after his lead actress and mistress Nelly Tate goes missing. Soon detectives Perry, the lone female nighthawk, and Garr... moreett find themselves with a handful of suspects, one dead shop owner, and an impatient member of the Echelon, wanting this all put behind him. What the pair wasn't expecting was a growing tension which develops between the longtime partners and friends. Please note: this is NOT the story of Perry and Garrett's romance; their story is told in Forged by Desire.The mystery of what happens to Nelly Tate is involved and engrossing. As the plot thickens, the author provides additional clues and diversions to keep the detectives, and this reader, guessing up until the end. And while the story would stand on its own merits with the mystery alone, Ms. McMaster expertly weaves a budding awareness of something more than friendship between long-time friends. Having read Perry and Garrett's story in Forged by Desire first, I enjoyed learning about this event, which is mentioned a few times within Forged. However, it is a well-written stand alone mystery. I was riveted to the book; engrossed by the details and unfolding plot. The pieces of the puzzle were all there, it was just a matter of putting them in place. The mystery is superbly executed, and I enjoyed trying to figure it all out. My Rating: A- Enjoyed A Lot
review 2: I was ecstatic to discover that the author published this novella basically developing the characters and introducing their deeper backgrounds in preparation for the launch of their full story coming behind it in the series. Garrett and Perry have appeared in minor roles in earlier books, but this novella brings them into the spotlight by offering a case for them to work on as partners.The novella would not function well as a standalone in that it assumes the reader has read earlier books and is familiar with the London Steampunk world though I suppose if the reader were just to go on character development and plot and not mind the confusion of what things like 'bluebloods', 'echelon' and 'mechs' are then it would be fine.Perry and Garrett are assigned a case involving the disappearance of an actress with foul play suspected. The two Nighthawks are immersed in the world of the theater for this newest case. They are stumped at first, but then the clues, motives and suspects start to fall into place. Distractions occur when their usually strong partnership becomes awkward and riddled with arguments, accusations and possible mistrust in fellow partner. This forces them both to access things between them. In Garrett's case, he realizes that he really doesn't know much about his partner of six years beyond the job and he can't understand what has suddenly come between them. In Perry's case, she does work out what caused the rift and it's her feelings- her unrequited feelings for Garrett.The case is solved within the novella and things between the two partners are left at an interesting place all as set up for their main story in Forged by Desire. Can't wait!All in all, I was thrilled to get this shorter gem and I am grateful to the author for putting it out as a freebie for her fans to enjoy between novels. less
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Love this world and these characters (Garrett and Perry).
Lovely prequel to book #4. Really whet my appetite.
Great lead in to Forged by Desire.
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