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Bikers And Tinsel (2000)

by Bella Jewel(Favorite Author)
4.36 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: This is a short novella of the whole group around Christmas time and mainly features Muff (Hilarious) and Janine another amazing female and male lead.Although short there was a excellent anmout of story to keep you fulfilled and you get Muff's story which is a total bonus.An introduction to all the children the next generation is also a great way to end this series.Bella Jewel definately grows in her writing style as the journey that is the MC Sinners Books progresses as you can clearly see each story becoming better than the last.I think as a whole this series is brutal and heartwarming, funny and deliciously sexy and is a must read for all lovers of MC stories or readers in general that want all of the above.I really hope she continues on with the series with the childre... moren of all the above characters and hopefully some cameos of the characters we have grown to love and enjoy reading about. A 5 triple plus read love it
review 2: It was so good to see the gang again and I sure missed them. Cade and Addison I loved those two, it was great that they're still going on strong: He grunts. "effin' clothes, so many of the effin' things. Who needs them?" Addison leans in close. "You sure won't." Although everyone was in the book, I focused on Muff and Janine who I was super glad FINALLY got a little book of their own, "Muff chuckles, and looks back down at me. "I'll be out front, come out when you're ready," he murmurs and then leans down to my ear. "and baby, don't wear any panties." Poor Janine the girl sometimes can't catch a break and it's amusement to Muff, "my foot is still tangled in my panties, and I kick and squirm, trying to get up, horrified that my a** is on view for the world to see. "Sweet effin' heaven angel, you just made me hard." When these two are together they sure do get into a lot of trouble, "I laugh louder, then cry out in pain as the movement causes my nose to throb. "You broke my nose...while we were effing," I pant in between laughs and cries." Yeah I enjoyed this one a little more than the others probably because everyone was in it. less
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Wish it was a little bit longer, I loved reading about Muff and Janine!!
Loved the whole biker series....this Christmas special was fab!!
A great novella from one of the best MC series i have read
Puaj, lo del baile fue horroroso!
loved it!
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