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Ghost Machine (2010)

by Ben Mirov(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 4
Caketrain Press
review 1: This poetry collection got great reviews, and I was very eager to read it. Reading it, though, was, for me, a reminder that my grasp of poetry may sometimes be lacking. The poems were so abstract that I finished them without getting much from them, even after rereading. Not that I'm doubting their content, just pointing out that they are so abstract that I wasn't able to assemble their threads into a tapestry I could grasp. Perhaps some of you, my poet friends, can read this and tell me what I'm missing. Because I definitely feel like I'm missing something. Please pardon my ignorance. Or better yet, read these poems and tell me that I'm right so I can feel better about myself.
review 2: This was one of those books that seemed like it came at just the rig
... moreht time for me. I loved its muted sadness and the occasionally surreal descriptions of that sadness. Mirov seems to be in the same poetic school as Zach Schomburg (love that dude!). I like the way Mirov's poems sample from each other throughout this book. It's like a book eating its own tail. I don't think Caketrain printed too many of these things, so you should get it now before it's long gone. less
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I read this twice, and both times felt moderately-to-highly enthusiastic about it.
One of the best books of poetry I've read in the last few years - it's genius.
I outright reviewed the book for Bookslut: coming soon on the web!
The book charts its cartography via what's absent.
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