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Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart (2010)

by Beth Pattillo(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 3
0824947932 (ISBN13: 9780824947934)
Adventures with Jane Austen and her Legacy
review 1: Unlike her sister Claire Prescott has never really seen the importance and the fascination with Mr Darcy and anything Austen. She is umeployed and happy -well sort-of with her baseball sport loving boyfriend Neil. Claire and Austen do not mix , but when her sister is offered the chance to head over to England and attend an Austen seminar and then when family circumstances dictate that Claire's sister cannot go. She offers to go in place for her and take notes of the Pride and Prejudice seminar and also present on behalf of her sister the paper she has written on Pride and Prejudice. While at the conference , two things happen to Claire that will make her question her thoughts about Jane Austen and Mr. Darcy and make her wonder whether Mr. Darcy really does exist in reality... more or is it an expectation that should remain just in Austen's books between the pages ? The first is that Claire will meet fellow conference attendee James and it seems that he is her Mr. Darcy and is perfect in everyway , but will he break her heart and prove her theory that Darcy's do not really exist for the Happily ever afters ? The second thing is that while exploring around Claire comes across a copy of Jane Austen's original draft of Pride and Prejudice at that stage titled First Impressions and is suprised to discover that Austen was not going to originally pair Lizzie Bennett with Mr. Darcy. It seems though that others want that manuscript especially those part of the secret Austen Society whose goal it is to protect her Legacy for years to come.This was a fun chick-lit novel and fans of Jane Austen Fiction will love and for those who aren't Darcy Fans will be sort-of once they have finished the pages.
review 2: I've read one other Beth Pattillo book and there are a couple things I really like about her writing:1. Her reflections on how Austen's personal relationships and life experiences affected the characters we know and love. In "Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart," Pattillo shares her portrayal of what Austen's first script of Pride and Prejudice was like. The original script was lost, so we may never know. But the idea that Darcey was never originally meant for Elizabeth is intriguing....and kind of devastating! 2. Her insight into our modern day relationships with family members and with lovers and how we can still learn a thing or two from Austen's characters, despite the author being dead for almost 200 years. I love her views on sisters and the strength gained in sisterhood. I liked this book. The beginning was a little hard for me to get into, but once I started reading Pattillo's "original" Pride and Prejudice script I was hooked. less
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A light chick lit showing that Mr Darcy isn't everyone's Mr Right
A thoroughly enjoyable read with an unexpected twist.
good book!
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