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Glitter & Doom (2013)

by Bethany Griffin(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 5
0062225669 (ISBN13: 9780062225665)
Greenwillow Books
review 1: I wish I had realized that this was book 1.5 in the series before I read book 2. That said, I don't think my reading of Dance of the Red Death would have been all that much deeper if I had. This novella provides some interesting backstory on Kent but doesn't add much to April's character. It details the beginning of Kent and April's love story, which I didn't even realize sort of came out of nowhere until I started reading this. I had just assumed they'd taken a shine to one another while aboard the airship. This little book was amusing enough to pass the time. But arguably the best thing about it was the title.
review 2: Usually I tend to like novellas that add a different perspective to the main story line. Glitter & Doom was okay, but really didn't add anyt
... morehing to the story for me. The first half, Glitter, is told thru April's point of view from when she gets abducted from the club. And Doom is told thru Kent's point of view picking up from April's and up to the explosion of/on the steamship. Learning more about them was good in it's own way, but the things I wanted to learn about April were not really discussed. For example, what she was thinking when she first met Araby on the roof and became her friend. It was a little interesting to see how things had developed between April and Kent, but it didn't make much difference to me in the overall picture. less
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Interesting companion piece to Masque of the Red Death, showing things from other points of view.
I liked the back stories of April and Kent, but too much of it read like a rushed summary.
save your money. I rented it, thankfully. this is little more than a deleted scene.
I actually liked this little novella FAR more than the book it is based off of...
Can't wait to have all 3 books and read them together. So good!
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