I was conflicted and then convicted,

When I saw on your face depicted,

The marks of pain inflicted

By our sin.


I was swallowed by my sorrow

When I saw how you had borrowed

 The weight of our tomorrows

And our shame.


Though I was adrift, you gave me this gift:

To see you on your shoulders uplift

The sins of a world so rift

By our hate.


But your mercy I inhaled, your love I exhaled,

When I saw that, though I had failed,

The walls of my sin had been scaled

By your love.


I knew that soon you’d been nailed, too soon impaled,

But I’d seen how your love prevailed

And so with courage I unveiled

My own head.


In a swift, sad race, red lines the blood traced

Down your cheeks like red lace

And so I wiped your face

With my veil.


Then I looked in your eyes, so strong and so wise,

So loving and honest and empty of lies,

And then I was caught, caught by surprise,

By your thanks.


But then the guards shouted, and our peace was routed.

When you turned away, my fears sprouted.

For a second, I doubted,

In your love.


I felt small and frail; without your grace, I would fail.

But then I looked down and knew I’d prevail,

For depicted on my veil,

Was your face.

Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus, VI., Adolf Lachman, 1998 Advertisements Share this:
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