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The Eiffel Tower's Daughter:The Truth Behind The Lies (2010)

by Bethany Huang(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 4
1452076235 (ISBN13: 9781452076232)
review 1: I enjoyed reading The Eiffel Tower's Daughter. It is a fast-paced story set in France, Greece, and Egypt. I really liked the international setting - especially Egypt.The chapters are set up from various points of view. Each chapter has the name of the featured character on the first page. I had to pay attention because there were so many characters. I liked the main character, Swanilde's voice. She did not give up even when she found herself in many dangerous situations along the way. There was no shortage of action. For such a young author, Bethany Huang has written a good first novel. She will undoubtedly grow into a successful author. I know I will be interesting in reading her next work.
review 2: I won this book in a contest and was excited to se
... moree what such a young author could muster up, and she didn't disappoint.The storyline which twists down rugged roads was exciting and quicked paced. I was able to read this book in a day, and the only thing that disappointed me was that it was so short,this book is for anyone who is looking for a book that captures the beauty of a person't soul and deciphers a story that could very much be true.Swanilde is faced with many challenges, learing of her family's deepest secret doesn't help. Swanilde finds herself in egypt where she meets a family who takes her in as there own and it is there that she finds the acceptance she so desires. But when things get twisted and secrets are revealed, Swailde finds herself on the run again and in fear of what's to come.There is one thing for sure about this author, she's talented and I can't wait to see what she's going to come up with in the future and it's going to be bright, going to the top that girl is. less
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A great debut novel. I think it's inspiring that it was written by a 10 year old. :)
I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!! :) ITS SOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
luv it beth!!
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