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Xoxoxo (2000)

by Bethany Lopez(Favorite Author)
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1469919324 (ISBN13: 9781469919324)
Stories About Melissa
review 1: I really like this series alot. I like that it all takes place from Melissa's POV and in her journal. I like that it isn't necessarily about love but about Melissa. Her family and friends make a great cast of characters and it gets really interesting when she meets Ben but I was a bit miffed because of his age. But I liked the way the story played out and I will just say I am rooting for Jimmy. The entire plot is good in this series and the descriptive nature that Missy writes in is easy to keep up with. I sped through this read and I was laughing at memories of being a fourteen year old fickle girl, so I get it!I like the family dynamic and I love that issues are dealt with here. I think that it is a subject not broached enough. Love loved it! I recommend this series to a... morenyone who likes YA!!
review 2: 3.5 starsxoxoxo is the second book in the Stories about Melissa series by Bethany Lopez. I won all three of the books in the series from a giveaway on Goodreads.Through a series of journal entries, xoxoxo tells the story of days in the life of Melissa, a high school freshman. Having decided to keep a journal, Melissa then records significant events on a regular basis – generally about her family, her friendships and of course about boys.Light and easy to read I finished this in a couple of hours. It was actually perfect because I was looking for something that didn’t require lots of concentration and wouldn’t take me long. The story line is sweet and innocent, with a little bit of family drama thrown in for good measure – completely appropriate given the age of the main character.I think this series is perfectly suited to young teens as it touches on things they are likely to be experiencing. It is well written, easy to read and nice story. less
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I like the bacground story of it and the developent of the characters.
I will post my review during the book tour.
I'm reading this as part of a blog tour. :)
really liked it .....
coming soon
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