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Cartas A Emma Bowlcut (2011)

by Bill Callahan(Favorite Author)
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Alpha Decay
review 1: With visual art there are modern and contemporary pieces that I enjoy because they are aesthetically interesting or I appreciate the way the piece makes me feel, even if those feelings are negative. And I enjoy these pieces despite the fact that I don't understand them, don't receive the message, don't know why it was made or the context in which it was made. This is how I feel about Callahan's book. I don't "get it" and feel the meaning is lost on me. But I enjoyed the way it made me feel and admired many of the beautiful lines and phrases it contains.
review 2: Part 1 is pure poetry. 2 and 3 finds more prose amidst the bramble. Each line is beautiful enough to isolate and send in a text message to somebody you want to impress. I think of it like a chemical so
... morelution. Your eyes lose focus, the reaction occurs. I saw a change in color and saturation but only after it happened. Bill understands birds and eagles to such a degree that he could explain yourself to you better in terms of nests, wings and feathers. I was shocked there were no horses. This could be called romantic poetry but that would be mistaking the leader for the climax of the film. Bill always talks about his name, the weight of history on the scales. There are touches of the truly ancient. Vortecists were Greeks and Bill uses micrometers where they might have used sun dials. If I were writing an 'alternative' academic paper, I would mention Ezra Pound right now but I won't. Simply put, this book could be sung, etched into your forehead or handed down on stone tablets one letter at a time. Either way, reading it will still feel like flying without a thought wondering why nothing else modern and sad in the poetry section works like Bill does. If I were writing a confrontational review for the newspaper or a content farm, the following would also be included: 'Go ahead. Get an MFA. See if you or your workshop leader will ever be able to write a line as good as Bill's worst.' less
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Bill Callahan is nearing completion of his application packet to become our Leonard Cohen.
i reread this after two years of ignoring it and now my heart is crying.
I loved the atmosphere, but I wish it would have gone somewhere.
weird, wanky, kinda what i needed right now. yes, good
Ooh.. some lovely thoughts and ideas
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