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Butterfly Unpinned (2009)

by Bonnie Dee(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 3
Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
review 1: This book is so much more than I expected. It is an emotional, compelling, thought-provoking tale of love, hope, trust, forgiveness and self-worth. One that really sticks with the reader after finishing.Butterfly's Master of five years was a very cruel and harsh man. There were a few parts that were challenging to read through, and made my stomach drop. But we needed an insight into the type of treatment Butterfly and the other slaves received from Gary to understand her later struggles. (He followed Gorean tenets and was extreme in his ownership of them.) After our hero, Bryan, rescued Butterfly/Sylvia the tone of the story changed. Their growing love and affection for one another was heartwarming and sweet. Sylvia began to heal and gain confidence in herself while help... moreing Bryan cope with a death in his family. Bryan was strong but tender with Sylvia as she began to tear down the walls of her past that hindered her personal growth. I appreciated the way Bryan was dominant without being over-the-top "alpha male", and when some of his flaws and shortcomings were shown to us, it made him seem all the more likable and real. I thoroughly enjoyed the glimpses into his native culture, and therefore his mindset. Like his encouragement for her to grow back some pubic hair, so that she didn't seem plastic or doll-like. And the way he asked her to not freshen up first, so that she retained her female essence. I found that interesting and refreshing. I wish we knew how much time had passed between the ending of the story and the epilogue. I must admit that I was left wishing to read more of their journey. But we see how they were meant for each other, and I felt like they would continue to nurture each other and be OK.
review 2: 5 Stars!!!This was not a hard core BDSM/submission book... there were some parts in it that were harder/darker when Butterfly was with her Master, but after she got out I just fell in LOVE with her and Bryan!!!I loved to see how Butterfly emerged from her cocoon and got stronger and braver every day with Bryan, they both needed each other soo much and made each other a better person.Well be re-reading it in the future :) less
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1.5 stars, it was okay, I skim read the second half of the book
3,5 star for the feelings...i don't like the ending
Liked the last 1/3 of the book a lot. Good read.
Very good book...good love story!
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