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Letting Loose The Hounds: Stories (1997)

by Brady Udall(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 5
0393335542 (ISBN13: 9780393335545)
W. W. Norton & Company
review 1: I have to admit that I have never been a huge fan of short stories. I find that the effort required to “get into” the story often doesn’t bear enough fruit by the time the story ends (usually unsatisfyingly, often even abruptly). Udall’s short stories, on the other hand, are a lot like his novels: they make the reader WANT to slow down, enjoy the writing, and just get lost in the story and, as such, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a short one or a long one—the reader will enjoy every page anyway.This collection of eleven short stories entertains. I won’t say that there weren’t one or two that I thought could have been a little longer, or had a slightly better ending, but I didn’t find myself “shortchanged” as I often do when reading short stories (ev... moreen those by other favorite authors of mine). The vivid scenes evoked by each story, the ease in which they were told, all added up to some really enjoyable time with Udall’s imagination, and this is probably my favorite collection of short stories that I've ever read.
review 2: I like the author, Brady Udall. I attended a reading when he was promoting "the Lonely Polygamist" at Changing Hands bookstore in Phoenix. This particular collection of short stories gave me an idea of his humor and his taste (western setting, modern). I plan to read every book he writes, this was enough to convince me to read his other books. I am only rating it as "I liked it" because it was a fine collection but certainly not one of my favorite reads of all time. less
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my favorite book of short stories - amazing stuff.
Excellent set of short stories. Dark and witty.
Unsettling. Sheeeesh. (Good unsettling.)
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