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Pointe (2014)

by Brandy Colbert(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 2
0399160345 (ISBN13: 9780399160349)
review 1: This is a great choice for anyone who's read all the Laurie Halse Anderson and A.S. King they can find and are desperate for more. It features a teen protagonist who's dealing with some incredibly tough issues while also trying to navigate the normal stuff like growing up and figuring out how to be her own person. It's a slow, painful process, but the reader is really encouraged by the end because the main character is really starting to take some positive, healing steps.
review 2: I read this book for book club. The author is a friend of a friend of one of our book club members. Because of this we were able to skype the author for our meeting. Brandy Colbert was great to agree to it and it was the best book club because we were able to get some of the quest
... moreions answered and we always want to ask the author, but were never able to. The book was interesting and kept my attention throughout. Theo's best friend Donovan was kidnapped when they were 13, now at the age of 17 he has been found and is home. Theo is a ballet dancer, struggling with eating disorders and hoping to get to be accepted into a ballet company. Now she is thrown off balance by Donovan being found. The most difficult part, Donovan is not seeing or talking to anyone, even her. Now the trial is coming up and she has to testify. She discovered since Donovan got back that she knew more about the kidnapping then she realized. Now how does she know what to reveal to the Court if Donovan won't talk, if she tells the truth she worries she will lose everybody she cares for. I was worried I would not like the ending of this book since I am a "happy ending" reader. I was happy with the ending which is different then a "happy ending". It was a great book! less
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Heavy stuff. Not sure if it's really appropriate for teens, maybe older teens?
4.5. Worthy of rounding up because Theo is an awesome and fresh character.
Convincing, very much so.
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