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Courting Justice (2012)

by Brenda Jackson(Favorite Author)
4.25 of 5 Votes: 5
0373534736 (ISBN13: 9780373534739)
Harlequin Kimani
Madaris Family & Friends
review 1: This is one of the best Brenda Jackson books I have read in a long while. It almost seems like she went back to her writing roots for this one. Angelo was a hero you couldn't help but to love. He was so caring and attentive toward Peyton from the very beginning, and Peyton needed that type of nurturing to break out of her shell. Their chemistry was great, and they had a lot of passionate love scenes as well, but these two really had a good foundation built with their friendship, and that made the love story so much more believable. This story remind me of why I became a fan of Brenda Jackson in the first place, and I hope she keeps this high level of writing up....well done!
review 2: Courting Justice was the latest installment in Brenda Jackson's Madaris &
... more Friends series and I must say this book was very good and sizzling. Angelo DiMigelo knew what he wanted and realized Peyton Mahoney was it. He set a plan in motion and pulled out the big guns to win the love of his life. Peyton was a hard one to break with past issues that carried over from college and basically ruled her life to where the "chip on her shoulder" was a permanently embedded in her skin. Through patience and a whole of lot of loving (sizzling), Angelo was determined to remove that chip. less
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Loved it! Got me praying for my Angelo ;-)
Um...that's all I got for this one.
I thought it was a great book.
This was a good read!
Loved it!
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