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Paparazzi Princesses (2013)

by Bria Williams(Favorite Author)
4.64 of 5 Votes: 4
1936399369 (ISBN13: 9781936399369)
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review 1: Paparazzi Princesses is based on the true lives of Reginae Carter daughter of Lil Wayne and Bria Williams the daughter of Birdman. This book shows how both these daughter of wealthy rappers live. From the most expensive clothes, to lavish parties and events, to getting every single thing they want because of their lives. This book does not only show their rich lifestyles, dont be fooled by the title. This book shows how you can make it the industry. The book shows the price to pay when you have fathers who are rappers and how people who will use you just to get close to the fame. This book use the names Kayla and Promise. This books just shows the true personality's of friends, fame and money.
review 2: Thank you to netgalley.com and Atria Books for allowing me
... more access to this title.This book was an interesting read. I found it a little bit hard to believe that the main characters were only 12 & 13, but then again I've never lived a "surplus of money" privileged life. So maybe causes children of celebrities to grow up faster than I remembered.I could connect with the girls dealing with friends issues and relate to wanting to maintain a good public image, or having parents that have a hard time listening to what you want.It is nice to read a book that shows you that everyone has things we struggle with, even those living the life of the rich and famous. less
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I LOVE this book! Adventurous! Great for tweens and teen girls.
will i think about the book is a go book for all girl
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