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Saga #7 (2012)

by Brian K. Vaughan(Favorite Author)
4.57 of 5 Votes: 5
Image Comics
review 1: 5 Stars This series has really taken my interest.I love the artwork. I love the action. The characters are developing nicely.Ghosts...Spells....And LyingI love the humor and the witty dialogue. The narrations by Hazel are very cool.I find myself retreading every page multiple times and I want to start over...awesome.I am really surprised at the depth to the development of the characters and the world building.I will retread them all.
review 2: Warning! Total eye rape on page 16. I have tried to steer you from harm's way and Marko will too ("I promise you don't want to see. Just keep your head down."), but you'll still look, won't you?I love the cover of course-bloody Marko!-but it has nothing to do with the story. They touch on the intergalactic Romeo and Julie
... moret-ness of Marko and Alana and the dreaded in-laws are featured. The most touching part though was The Will recalling a private moment with The Stalk. That freaky bitch actually looked sweet for one second. *still pissed that Marko's parents disintegrated Izabel. So. not. cool. less
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favourite cover art so far. just yes overall.
¡¿Puede ser tan bueno este comic?!
se esta volviendo una adicción...
*gasp* I'm getting emotional :3
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