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A Gathering Of Crows (2010)

by Brian Keene(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 5
0843960922 (ISBN13: 9780843960921)
Leisure Books
review 1: always a great time when Brian Keene is behind the journey. I love Levi and it was great to follow his adventures again and cant wait to see him in action again. I loved the deeper connections than normal(or so it sseemed) to the rest of the Keene universe. The dark people no doubt had their creepy moments and the visual world Brian made in my head freaked me out as well as saddened me. but as always I loved every bit of it.
review 2: Everything about this book is excellent: the way Keen's writes Levi in a way that you don't have to be familiar with the other books featuring the character, the build-up to the final battle, the small town vibe...everything. I was particularly impressed with (SPOILERS) the way he made these ancient sort of beings the primary bad
... moreguys ad was able to make them sort of cool without resorting to lame over-used "we're ancient and all powerful" devices.This was one of the first Keene books I ever read and while there have been a few of his titles here and there that I wasn't too impressed with, it's this one that keeps me checking out his work. SUCH a GREAT book. less
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My least favorite Keene book to date. It's okay, though - he's way more hit than miss.
First Keene book I've ever read, must say it won't be my last.
Brian Keene at his best. Need I say more?
It's OK. Maybe a little less than that.
best brian keene i've read.
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