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Like A Lady – Vintage Dresses for Vintage Lovin’ Gals.

Grey Vintage Winter Dress – This winter wonder comes straight out of a fashion magazine of the 50’s. The fabric is warm, woollen, and easy to wear. Now you can still have that vintage glam look in the winter months without freezing to death! This elegant three quarter dress has a high waistline, distinguished by its spaghetti strap belt and a sailor’s collar with grey matching buttons down the front. Made from xxx and polyester, this warm and classy number will keep you toasty and trendy for both casual and business events alike.


Black and White Vintage – Dress This black and white little number has pizzazz indeed! With a three quarter length to give you that classy elongated look, and a little black ribbon around your neckline, you will be have that mix of business and cute all rolled into one! This dress has that 50’s vintage look with a modern twist, and can be worn to just about any kind of event, or on any day of your choosing. The blouse part of the dress is white with black sleeves and a black strip along where the buttons line the front. At the top of the strip is a thin black ribbon that gives that extra bit of feminine to the outfit. The dress is made of polyester and xxx, and is an elegant additional to any wardrobe.



Floral Two-Piece Wiggle Dress – This ain’t no grandma floral, this is a sexy floral, one that will hug your curves and give you a nice glow. This two piece modern vintage ensemble comes with a three quarter skirt and a tank top with gathered bust and gorgeous cap sleeves. Great for summer outings, and can be worn to a casual summer picnic or a rooftop champagne party, take your pick!


Floral Wiggle Dress – This is what we call the wowser! Wear this fresh floral dress and you will be sure to turn heads. This sexy mediterranean style wiggle dress is three quarter in length with a halter top and gathered bust. A great modern vintage design for summer outings, this dress could be worn to a casual summer picnic or a rooftop champagne party, take your pick!



The Little Black Dress – Every girl needs a little black dress… or ten! This little black dress is stylish and elegant with that twist of modern vintage. The dress is long and sleek, with a faux leather fabric strip down the front, and the sides made with a transparent xxx fabric. The contrast in fabrics truly make this dress stand out, and add that wonderful hourglass shape to the body. The bust of the dress has a slight cone shape, and there optional spaghetti straps if you wish to not go strapless.


Classic Turquoise Wiggle Dress – Turquoise is just the colour to stand out in a crowd. With this gorgeous vintage wiggle dress you will bring a splash of colour to any event! The elegant and elongated look of the dress comes from the three quarter length, while the cap shoulders give that added bit of elegance, and the v-shape neckline frames the chest without revealing too much. A great addition to any summer wardrobe, this colour is sure to bring a glow!


Classic Floral Vintage Dress – Ever dreamt of stepping back into the 50’s? Or on to the set of a 50’s sitcom? Now is your chance, with this little floral vintage number. This gorgeous dress has a gathered bust and spaghetti straps, and hugs the waistline snuggly. From the waistline downwards, the dress transforms into a flowing skirt with petticoat to give it that extra babydoll flow.


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