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La Princesse Des Glaces (2008)

by Camilla Läckberg(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 5
2742775471 (ISBN13: 9782742775477)
Actes Sud
review 1: Tras muchos años de ausencia, la joven escritora Erica vuelve a su pueblo natal, donde ha heredado la casa de sus padres recientemente fallecidos. Erica decide darse un paseo por las calles donde transcurrió los primeros años de su vida, pero tras el aviso de unos vecinos, descubre que su amiga de la infancia, Alex, acaba de suicidarse. Conmocionada, inicia una investigación y descubre que Alex estaba embarazada. La historia da un nuevo giro cuando la autopsia revela que su amiga no se suicidó sino que fue asesinada. La policía detiene al principal sospechoso, Anders, un artista fracasado que mantenía una relación especial con la víctima.
review 2: Camilla Lackberg's debut novel, The Ice Princess, is set in the small Swedish town of Fjallbacka, a close
... more-minded community in which the local gossip knows no bounds.One very cold winter, the body of a woman, Alex Wijkner, is discovered in her parents' house. She's naked in the frozen water of the bathtub with both wrists slit. She has committed suicide. Erica Falck, the victim's childhood friend and writer is both shocked and intrigued by this death. Why did Alex take her own life? She was wealthy, beautiful, admired by everyone since schooldays. Everyone wanted to be with her and be like her. But she always seemed aloof and reserved as if though hiding something.Erica is commissioned by Alex's parents to write a memoir about their daughter and her life. She begins asking questions around but the image portrayed by the answers seems somewhat different to what Erika is expecting.Patrik Hedstrom, a police investigator is suspicious. He doesn't believe the suicide theory and begins to dig deep into this mystery together with Erika, his childhood crush. But soon their partnership takes them to places they weren't expecting and their investigation reveals a horrific story that was kept hidden for twenty-five years.The story is somewhat dragged in places and I was about to lose interest on more than one occasion. The chapters are also VERY long which I don't like in books. However, for a debut novel it is quite a good read. I like the general plot and the intricate way in which the author solves the mystery. I will read more books in the series. less
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Four stars for a solid, engaging police procedural, two stars for a rather clumpy translation.
Surprised by the "who done it." A good read though a bit descriptive where it needn't be.
Scandinavian crime novel. Entertained but did not awe.
Not at all fine literature, but I enjoyed reading it.
Very interesting characters. Excellent mystery.
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