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Radio Girl (2013)

by Carol Brendler(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 3
0823428613 (ISBN13: 9780823428618)
Holiday House
review 1: I'm not always a huge fan of historical fiction, but Radio Girl captivated me quickly with its humor and its heroine. Cece is adorable and adventurous as she defies her family's wishes and pursues a weekend job in radio. The book's many period details immersed me in the world of 1930's Newark and New York City, and I especially enjoyed learning the slang of the day ("Nerts!" may be my favorite new-old expression). Celebrities like Orson Welles make cameos, and the secondary characters (especially Cece's hilarious best friend Bev) are very well drawn. I didn't want Radio Girl to end, and would love to see a sequel. I'd recommend this book for anyone aged 9 to 90! :)
review 2: It's 1938. Teenager Cecelia Malony lives in Newark with her mother and aunt, but she l
... moreongs to follow in her father's footsteps and work in radio. This is a slice-of-life story that takes readers back in time as another world war was brewing, egg creams were ducky, and the family gathered around the radio to find out just what The Shadow knew. When Cece manages to get a Saturday job at a radio studio, behind the back of her mother, she makes new friends, discovers new talents, and finds out one awful truth she didn't want to know. In the meantime, what's going on with her aunt? Does that cute guy really like her? And are Martians really invading New Jersey? Granted, the author stuffs this book full of 1930's slang and references, which sometimes takes away from the story's power. Still, this is a nice piece of historical fiction with a main character you can really care about. less
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I loved this book about a teenage girl who will do anything to get on the radio. Love the cover!
This historical novel features a fouteen-year-old girl in 1938. The theme is deception.
Fun, interesting, great dialog. Took me back to a place in time I've never been before.
Good historical with enough drama.
I loved this book!
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